two things

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

cause it's just after 7am and my brain can't handle much more right now...

1.) minted -- oh my heavens....this website is my new obsession. I could (and have) spent hours looking through the "Design Challenge" section. If I had any clue how to create something so beautiful as some of those cards, I would be downloading Photoshop & Illustrator

2.) I found out last night that my little, itty bitty small town gym just bought spinning bikes and is starting spin classes in October! my class instructor was SO excited to tell me cause I've been bugging her about it for over a year now. I'm considering it an early birthday present :)

okay....7:15 and I've got 45 min to get out of my robe, do my hair/makeup and get dressed. better get moving!

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