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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

When I lived abroad in Stockholm for a year, my Swedish family sent me to Paris for my 26th birthday, for a little weekend trip. I had met a delightful fellow au pair online who was living in Paris at the time, and she offered to host me for the weekend and show me the city.

I am here to tell you, Paris is like no other city you will ever, ever go to. It oozes beauty, romance, history, art...even on a short, budgeted weekend trip I felt the city. I spent two weeks in Thailand and two weeks in Bali, Indonesia and truthfully have fewer memories of those places than I do of my 3 days in Paris.

Here's a couple pictures for you of my time there:

[city hall]

[Eiffel Tower at night]

[Again, Eiffel is breathtaking]

[Connie - my friend/host took this...I ate a million pain au chocolats that weekend]

With all that being said....I'm writing this in hopes that I'll win a 7 day trip to Paris with my love. Oh Happy Day! is hosting a contest to win a trip to my favorite city, and gosh dang it, I want to win.

You too can enter, even though it decreases my amazing (haha) odds of winning.

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