We have chairs, people!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

For the last three (three) years, Brad and I have been doing the unfortunate eat-in-front-of-the-TV move because in this little house we live in, we do have a dining room but it's about twice the size of our bathroom. And our bathroom is what my good friend Dan would call a "shoilet" - basically a shower with a toilet. It's way, way small. So that makes our dining room way, way small as well. And on top of having a postage-stamp sized dining room, we didn't even have chairs for our dining room table. Hence, we ate in front of the TV.

One thing we do have in this cute little rental that I love dearly and will be sad to move from, is a back porch enclosed with windows. When I first moved into the house, we spent a lot of time painting every room and making the little house a home. Needless to say, the ugly back porch didn't get a lot of attention that year. Or the next, or the next. Until this weekend!!

I set out on the long task of painting the windows white. If you ever feel like you need a very justifiable reason to stab your eyeballs out with pencils, just paint a couple tiny window panes and you'll be grabbing for pencils in no time! Thankfully my sweet husband rescued me at the right moment - the "Just SCREW it, I don't need this porch finished anyway!" - and helped me finish painting the whole room. [For the record, he is usually GREAT about helping me with house projects. But he hates painting, and further, I'm terrible at starting a million things that I take forever to finish, so....]

Anyway - I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

This top photo is how the whole room looked - wood walls and tan windows. The bottom photo is how the initial progress on the windows on the opposite wall.


The chairs I ended up finding at an antique store in town, literally because they were the only place I could go to find a set of 4 chairs. How's that for no options?? But honestly, I love them! They're antique wooden folding chairs, and the shop owner figured they date back to the '20's. They're also pretty sturdy and have a rustic patina to them that fits with the light tones in the room.

Needless to say, I love it out there now! It's so nice to sit out there and eat dinner and have a glass of wine with the windows open.

I'm on my own tonight as Brad's out fishing, so I'm going to finish my glass of wine and get crackin' on the laundry!


  1. Love it Seanna! It looks so relaxing!

  2. Looks awesome. Also, I don't think I would know what the words "rustic patina" would mean if I didn't have you. Smarty.


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