Happy 1 Month Old, Hadley!

Friday, September 28, 2012

You can't really see the month in this shot...we were having a rough time getting these pictures!

Weight/Height/Head:  9lbs even at our 1 month appointment (50th percentile), 22 inches long (90th percentile, holy cow!) and her head measured 36 cm

Hair:  Dark brown in the back, a little lighter brown up on top.  Funny enough it's definitely got some curl to it!  Also Momma is praying that her hair grows on top of her head because at the moment, her hairline starts somewhere in the middle on the top...

Eyes: Dark blue

Diapers: We just moved up to size 1!  The newborn diapers fit but they're still a little small, and size 1 is a little big (We moved up at 5 1/2 weeks)

Clothes: Still in lots of newborn clothes but is slowly getting into the 0-3 months.  Carters Newborn sizes are getting snug, which is most of what we own!  However, she's been in size 0-3 months in her Loved Baby outfits (Momma's favorites) since she was about 3 weeks old because she was too long for Newborn!

Eating: All.the.time.   Seriously.  The girl loves to eat.  Right now she's getting a mixture of breastmilk and formula.  Story behind that - my milk took about 6 days to fully come in so I had to supplement with formula, and because I was supplementing I never really made enough to keep up with what she needs.  We spent about a month where I fed her formula, and then would pump and feed that to her in a bottle.  But the past two weeks we've worked on taking out the pumping and just breastfeeding directly, and it's been going great!  I'm still not producing enough for her, though, so she's still taking a lot of formula.  Right now she's taking anywhere from 2.5-4 ounces at a time, and usually every 2-3 hours.

Sleeping: Well.  She's not the best sleeper, I'll be honest.  Right now our routine is that I get up with her for her nighttime feedings, usually at 10:45, 1:45 and 5ish, and Brad will get up with her for her 6 or 7am feeding.  Most nights I will feed her and she'll fall right back to sleep but there are the random nights where she's wide awake at 2am.  In the mornings after Daddy feeds her he'll put her back in her little Rock N Play Sleeper next to me and we'll sleep til about 8 or 9am and then start our day.  During the day she's usually awake in the morning (let's be real, unless I decide I'm still really tired and we fall asleep on the couch watching Momma's DVR'ed shows) and then will sleep pretty good in the afternoon thru the evening.  She's usually pretty alert around dinner time (7ish) until we feed her around 10 and then she's down for the night.

Milestones:  Hmm...can't say she's had too many quite yet!  I think the biggest ones are her visiting her Grandma and Grandpa's house, going on her 1st dinner out when she was 6 days old (I was going CUH-RAZY in the house), and last night she went to a few minutes of her first outdoor football game to see her Uncle David's freshman team play!

And just to keep it real and show you the kind of day we had today (where she cried all day long unless she was being held or sleeping)...

And I still can't get enough of her.  

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