The first early morning

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It's 7:55am and this might be the first time in 6 weeks that I've been up and awake before 9am.  Sounds pitiful but getting up 3x a night to feed your newborn really takes it out of you.  However, I start back to work next week and am trying to get into a routine of getting up before 7...things that used to be so easy are suddenly SO not that easy!

Anyway, I've got my little mug of coffee, listening to the Civil Wars and enjoying my view of the fall leaves outside on this cold (29 degrees!) morning.  We've made a few purchases for the house so I thought I would share them...

The first is this barn light that we purchased from The Barn Light Electric Co.  Brad and I both had a vision of having a gooseneck barn light hanging over our mirror/medicine cabinet in the bathroom.  Here's a couple of our inspiration pictures:

We're really excited to see how it will look!  We had to do some debating on the diameter of the shade, I wanted a bigger shade but Brad felt like a big one would look silly in a small we went with his decision and got the 12" shade.  Hopefully it won't look too small.

The other thing we purchased this past weekend was the long awaited farmhouse sink from Ikea.  This is the Ikea Domsjo Double Bowl Sink.

And an inspiration picture with the sink...

So, that's about it so far.  OH - and the last great thing is that this past weekend we were at Home Depot and when Brad was checking out I wandered over to their Clearance Section, mainly b/c Hadley was fussing and walking with her was all that would calm her down.  Anyway, sitting right in their clearance room was this refrigerator:

Also known as my DREAM refrigerator.  Well, a french door refrigerator (any brand, LG was my favorite but this is a Maytag) was my dream fridge, but because they're pretty pricey I was going to (happily) settle for a bottom freezer with a single fridge door.  So this fridge is sitting there, looking pretty perfect, but there's no price tag on it.  We had them check, and because the woman who had purchased it didn't like it in her kitchen brought it back they had to sell it in the clearance section, and it turns out that we could purchase it for $1300 and it's normally a $2500 fridge.  WHAT.  They actually had it getting repaired when we were there cause a compressor or something wasn't working, but we're pretty sure we're going to go back and get it this week when it's back from being repaired.

Needless to say, I am absolutely dying to get into our new place!

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