Happy 2 Months, Hadley!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Weight/Height/Head:  At 8 weeks old she weighed 12lbs 8oz (80th percentile) and was 22.75 inches long (forget this percentile, I think 65th or so?)  Her head was 38cm, I believe.  

Hair:  Still dark brown in the back and on top it's finally starting to grow in light brown/blonde.  Definitely has some curl to it right now.  

Eyes: Still a darker blue but lightening up all the time

Diapers: Size 1

Clothes: We're starting to retire the Newborn size.  She will occasionally wear Newborn but it's usually a fight to get her arms in it and I hate the struggle, so she's wearing it less and less.  She's in a pair of Newborn pants right now and they're definitely too small, ha!  She's mainly wearing 0-3 months.

Eating: We're still nursing and doing formula.  She doesn't nurse for too long, maybe 15 minutes total and that's both sides.  She's consistently eating about 4oz of formula every 3 hours, sometimes a little more and sometimes a little less.  It's hard for me to get a completely accurate idea of how much she's eating since I nurse her prior to giving her a bottle. 

Sleeping: She's doing alright.  She currently wakes up around 2-3am and then again at 5-6am.  We're currently trying to wean her off her 2-3am feeding and it's not going well :)  My strategy has been to try to get a full 4.5oz bottle in her around 11pm in the hopes that it will help her sleep, but so far that hasn't done it.  Her doctor said that at this point she's probably waking up out of habit rather than hunger - cause let's face it, the girl is a little chunker - so we could let her cry it out for about 10 minutes.  We've tried that and it didn't work too well, but that's hard to do when she's sleeping in our room.  We're also planning to move her to her crib when we move in 2 weeks.  Pray for momma, I'm not ready to put my baby in another room all night!  

Milestones:  We've had a lot more this month!  She's starting to smile when we interact with her, her eyes can follow you or a toy if you move it slowly in front of her.  She's holding her neck up by herself now and can pull her head up (mostly) if you pull her up from a laying position.  She can hold her neck up at a 45 degree angle if she's laying on her tummy.  

Here's a few recent pictures from the iPhone...

Dozing on my pillow.  How cute are those little slippers??

Love her little side eye and furrowed brow

She's too sweet.

My very most favorite picture of her!

After a bottle, she was passed out.  Love how there's no shame in a double chin for babies :)

This is when I know she's really tired - she'll fall asleep while being burped.   Too cute.

And for a comparison...crazy, those were the same size onesies and Baby Legs!

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  1. Oh my goodness she is SO cute! Love those little leg warmers!


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