West Elm, I love you

Friday, October 26, 2012

I never was a really big fan of West Elm until recently.  I think I always pictured their decor as being more modern and "cold", so I always gravitated more towards Pottery Barn and Ballard Designs.  But in my search for a "drum pendant light" on Google I was led to West Elm and lo and behold...I have a new favorite!

Now, I would say that 50% of their products are not my style - they really are that minimalist, modern decor that doesn't fit in the with the warm, country chic look that I love.  BUT.  I've found a few things that I loooove so I thought I'd share.

First up, the drum pendant that will make its home over our dining room table...

I am in love - LOVE - with this light.  It's huge (25" in diameter) and the shade is covered with a beautiful linen that is hard to see in the picture.  It will look great in our  new house!  

Next up is our bedding that I ordered!  Our current duvet is nice enough but it's tan, and that just doesn't go well with the (amazingly gorgeous) bed that Brad built for us when we got married!  A quick pic of it for reference --

See how the bedding just blends into the wood?  So here's what I ordered...

It was on final clearance and I got it for a steal, considering we needed a King size.  I debated on this because it is a little more modern, and I initially envisioned an off-white duvet with a fisherman knit blanket at the foot of the bed...more of a Pottery Barn look.  However, due to the heaviness of the bed and how it could potentially look cabin-like (which is NOT my favorite decor style at all) I felt like something with a little cleaner lines would balance it out.  Plus, like I said, it was on clearance so if a year down the road I find something better this would store away perfectly to go on a guest bed one day.  (PS - I got our initials on the shams and an 'H' on the duvet)

And on to my Wish List...

This would go perfectly on our couch...match our Ralph Lauren grainsack pillows well!  (Another great TJ Maxx purchase!)

Okay, who am I?  This would so normally not be my style but lately I've been loving the geometric look of the native patterns that are popular in clothing and home decor.  I think the navy+teal+cream just goes perfectly together and is warm enough to not look overly busy.

Bathroom hand towels.  As much as I love a "warm" look I am a sucker for wide stripes.  Not a fan of that large graphic monogram but on these, you can get traditional monogramming.

Again, a native (Aztec?) print pillow

Another Aztec print pillow, love the linen casing

These throws...I die.  Love the mushroom stripe throw, as well as the blue bordered stripe throw!

And finally their Chunk Tassel Throw, which comes in at a reasonable $79, versus PB's  Fisherman Knit Throw that costs $99-$149.  

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