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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I don't know about you guys...but I am so happy to know that the weekend is only 2 days away!  It's been a crazy week between work and moving and the baby!  

Anyway, here's my Wednesday randoms for ya...

  • Sneak peek of our new kitchen!  Seriously, can I just brag on my husband for a minute?  He has literally done this entire kitchen (not to mention the whole house) all by himself.  He's painted all the cabinets, installed that beautiful sink, did the subway tile backsplash, is installing the flooring at the moment.  He built a pantry for us and a gorgeous storage bench in the breakfast nook.  It honestly makes me shake my head at how capable he is.  But anyway, here's a shot of the sink side!  Everything in the kitchen is done except for the flooring - see that pretty dark brown on the floor?  Love that wood, it's got a rustic "beat up" look to it - and installing the appliances.
    Speaking of appliances, we've purchased all the appliances for the kitchen and I am in looove with them!  I'll do a post on them this week cause I'm so excited for them AND the deal that we got!  

  • An update that is probably only exciting or significant to other Moms, Hadley has slept through the night for three nights in a row now!  I'm not sure what happened cause we're not feeding her anymore during the day, but she's been sleeping from about 10pm until 6am.  She did wake up at 4am this morning but I was able to get her back to sleep easily.
    Starting next week we'll be putting her in her crib at night.  Momma is sad cause I now can see how some women never want to do this!  I never understood that but oh my word...I sure do now.  However, now that I purchased my Angelcare Monitor I'm not freaking out quite so badly about her being in her crib all night, all alone.  
  • And because I like to show off my gorgeous girl, here's a picture I got of her yesterday.  We are in serious love with her chubbiness. 

  • This week has been pretty stressful with the move coming up, plus it just seems that we have a million other things we're trying to get figured out right now. Add in work, trying to get the house ready, taking care of Hadley pretty much by myself for 16 hours a day, I am maxed.  Last night when my peanut was with her Grandma, I drove straight to WalMart and picked up this bottle of wine.  It's become one of my favorites and for $6, you can't beat it!  

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