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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It's only been two days so I realize this could change...but holy cow, Moms on Call has it figured out.  The funny thing is that it's seriously so common sense that you feel stupid doing it, but at this point I don't care!  I just wanted my child to sleep without crying for 30 minutes before passing out.

I'm not going to give any tips or anything because who knows, it could be a fluke, but I've applied their sleeping principles and it's been like putting a different child to bed.  Here's what worked:

1 - Darkening the room.  I had to nail up sheets over the windows cause the white curtains and blinds that are pretty to look at just aren't doing the trick.  Someday here I'll see about putting room darkening shades in but for now, we are lookin' white trash and I couldn't care less

2 - Playing a sound machine on white noise, fairly loudly (loud enough to hear it outside of the door of her room)

3 - Not waiting too late to put her down for the afternoon nap.  I've only been giving her about a 2.5hr window between the morning and afternoon nap.  It creates a stretch between the 2nd nap and bedtime that's a little tough, but by the time 7:30 rolls around she is more than ready for bed

I really think the biggest things that helped was darkening the room and playing the white noise. I'm still in shock that it's been so much easier all of a sudden but I can only attribute it to these two things.  I also got rid of all the pacifiers so thankfully we are DONE with that stage.

Next up, weaning from the bottle, which we're starting tomorrow.  Help me Jesus.

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