The Weekend and a Non-Sleeping Baby

Monday, June 3, 2013

My peanut is down for a nap right now and I'm curious, do any other Mommas feel like they're on borrowed time while their baby naps?  I swear, I'm just waiting to hear the crying start...and I just put her down 30 minutes ago.  We had a terrible weekend, sleep-wise, and I'm at my wits end....but I'm feeling a little hopeful thanks to Moms on Call!  (More on that at the end).

So we had a great weekend.  Friday night we were all in bed before 9pm and it was so wonderful.  Saturday Brad blessed my heart and let me sleep til 9am while he got up early with Hadley - I seriously felt like a new woman after all that sleep (though she did wake up about 4 times that night, ha.  No rest for the weary).  Brad went fishing on Saturday for most of the day so Hadley and I hung out at home, then when he got home we went to dinner at Famous Daves, which was super good.  I have to add, we went there after we tried to go to the new Mexican restaurant in town and were told that they didn't have high chairs.  DIDN'T HAVE HIGH CHAIRS.  Now what in the name of the sweet Lord is a restaurant thinking by not having high chairs?  I'm sure they're planning to get them, but in the meantime, that's just bad business.

Sunday we had a great day again, went to church in the morning and then.....went to visit our new puppy!


This little guy, a Boston Terrier, will be coming home with us in two weeks!  We're so excited, needless to say.  We sadly had to put down our sweet Lab, Bo, back in November and we've been thinking about getting a puppy for the last couple months.  However, we have a pretty small house so I had two requirements for our next dog: it had to a small breed, and it had to low-shedding.  As much as I loved Bo, he shed like no tomorrow and it seriously scarred me.  I know Bostons shed, but terriers have more of a wiry hair than that long hair that Labs have.  The best part of all is that Hadley loves puppies. Specifically small puppies, so I'm excited to see how she interacts with him.

I was joking with Brad last night, the funniest thing about these dogs is you wonder, which way are you looking??  Haha

Sunday night I parked Hadley out on the deck and manned about a million different things, trying to get dinner ready while Brad washed his truck and mowed the lawn.  I had the grill going outside with chicken on it, green beans on the stovetop and mac and cheese in the oven.  It was a great evening with some great food.

Trying to get a picture of us with my big 'ol camera...kinda tough

I snapped this picture of Hadley last week while we were visiting my sister-in-law.  She had put her on her son's little tricycle, and I kid you not, Hadley was so proud of herself for sitting on there!  Plus she has such an adventurous spirit, she's recently taken to standing on her walker (like on the edge of it) and trying to climb on top of the dishwasher door when it's down.  She's going to give me gray hair by the time she's 5, ha!

Okay, so our sleeping dilemma.  This could turn really long so I'll paraphrase my struggle up by saying, I don't have a dang clue what we're doing when it comes to sleep.  To those of you that have it all figured out, my hat is off to you and please email me all your best tips and tricks.  The bottom line is that I've struggled with when to put her down for naps, and putting her to bed without having a crying match every single night.  No joke, I've been putting her to bed awake for the last MONTH and to this day, she cries every single night, for at least 15 minutes.  The sleep books say that this shouldn't be happening at this point, but what do I do?!?

I have zero answers, but I'm feeling somewhat hopeful after reading the short little Moms on Call book for 6-15 month olds.

I'm a little confused why this tiny book cost $11 to download, but whatever.  I will paraphrase their sleep suggestions - 

1 - Set nap times and stick to them.  Within 4-5 days it will be a routine for your baby

2 - Put baby to bed between 7-8pm, have a consistent routine that includes bath time and feeding.  Put them to bed awake, and if they cry just let them be

3 - If they wake at night crying, leave them be

4 - Get a good sound machine with a white noise setting, make the room very dark

Now, though I think the book is a little pricey, it is helpful.  So this morning I decided that I would put Hadley down at 9:30, and when that time came she went down pretty easy.  Unfortunately it's her afternoon nap that we struggle with, as well as when to put her down for bedtime.  My plan today is to put her down again at 12:30 and hope that I can get her to nap for at least an hour and a half.  Then for bedtime we'll try the recommended Moms on Call routine and put her down around 8.  As for the letting them scream in the middle of the night...I like the idea but in reality, that's just tough to do.  I might have to tweak that to fit us a little better.  

Speaking of which, my little lady is up.  Wish me luck!  Happy Monday :)

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