Why You Shouldn't Take Pictures After 5pm

Monday, June 10, 2013

Last night my SIL texted me to remind me that Brad's mom's birthday was coming up and that I needed to get her an 8x10 family photo of us for the birthday gift she was putting together.  You'd think this would be easy because we would already have a multitude of family photos....well, nope.  At least not any that were taken with a camera that doesn't primarily function as an iPhone.

So let me just clarify everything that I did wrong in getting these pictures:

1 - Didn't start taking them until 7pm.  This is when Hadley is usually getting her bath and then her bottle before bed.  (In my defense we were babysitting our niece and nephew so we were busy with them a lot of the night)

2 - Didn't plan to have an adult there to take them.  I figured I could set it on the self-timer and jump in and VOILA, have a good family photo.  Instead I resorted to using my 7 year old niece when I couldn't get the angles right

3 - Didn't start taking them until 7pm.  Ha.

For your entertainment purposes, here is the range of expressions on my child's face in the, oh, 75 photos that my niece took:

Number 2 is definitely my favorite.  And no, none of these are from the same photo.

And here's the picture we're using for the birthday gift (still have no clue what this gift is??).  It's not my favorite but it was probably the best one we had, haha.

Here's the one outtake I did like!

Gotta laugh at these things, right?

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