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Monday, March 28, 2011

Well, friends....we're back from our glorious week at the beach. That sentence gets no exclamation point because there is nothing to EXCLAIM about that - we came back to snow and a frigid, 1-degree temp this morning. Really - side note - 1 degree? What a joke. At least be 0, or 5 or something. But 1 is just ridiculous.

So anyway, we're back and I have a few pictures from our time at the beach, but I'm still in the process of uploading/editing. Overall, it was an amazing, amazing trip with perfect weather (sunny + 80 degrees all week), incredibly fun friends, and lots and lots of relaxing on the beach. We literally didn't do anything, and it was perfect. I got in a couple runs, which was a feat considering beach running is a beyotch. But we basically slept in, went to the beach, then went to the pool, and then went out or stayed in at night.

Apart from vacation, I have lots of other things to talk about soon, like....

line dancing
my new favorite lotion
house decor
cheap finds on eBay
good books

As (another) side note, we came home only to deal with our dog's broken foot. He jumped up on a dumpster while playing fetch with my father-in-law. Yes, the dog is that dumb. But we love him so much.

Hope whoever is reading this is getting much better weather than I am!

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