the weekend

Monday, March 14, 2011

.....was close to being depressing, thanks to the dismal Northern Wisconsin weather. I swear. 23 degrees in the (almost) middle of March? Ugh.

Apart from the weather, here's the bullet-point list of my weekend:

  • Did my longest treadmill run ever! I did 4 miles, which, for me, is a really long way, haha! I was determined to stay on the darn thing for at least 4 miles, and I prepared for it by eating rice for dinner the night before, and running a slower pace for the first 2 miles. Felt good to do it!
  • Went to a baby shower for a girlfriend in town, and it was the best kind you can go to - no silly "guess the diameter of the belly with toilet paper" or "smell the poop in the diaper" games. Just a nice, sit-down lunch, baby trivia games, and conversation with friends. And I will not lie, being at a baby shower made me want to have a baby. Just for the afternoon, though.
  • I bought a wax warmer and hard wax and am using it to do my own waxing of different varieties. Nothing extreme (you know...legs/brows/bikini/etc), but I tried it this weekend for the first time, and Painful. PAINFUL. So the next time I took a warm shower first, drank a glass of wine and then attempted to finish what I started, and it turned out great! Well worth the investment.
  • My husband went fly fishing this weekend. In 23 degree weather. Sometimes I laugh when I think of the fact that I married a man like him.
  • Last thing? BEACH BEACH BEACH BEACH BEACH BEACH. We're leaving Friday after work and driving for a looooong time to get down to Tampa. Yes!
Happy Monday!

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