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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I'm blogging over my lunch (half) hour. Maybe this will help me get back on track??? I miss blogging!

I'm currently looking for swimsuits for our trip to FL. It's so frustrating picking out swimsuits off the Victoria Secret website - I mean...come on! Who looks like that?? But then I go to other websites and get annoyed by the pale, un-evenly proportioned swimsuit models who don't make me want to buy ANY of their suits. Here's the ones I'm into:


I was looking at suits on the couch the other day and Brad was sitting next to me. He saw one, pointed at it and said, "I would not go to the lake with you if you wore that."

I told him he would never need to worry about me wearing a strapless, cut-out anything.

And for the record, this is exactly what I was referring to when I said some swim models do nothing to make the suit look appealing:

Problem #1 - she's not the ideal candidate for a strapless bandeau top
Problem #2 - those swimsuit bottoms somehow look too small and too big at the same time

Hopefully all my working out can get me in some better shape, eh?? Although I will say, yoga has done more for my body in a short time than anything else, no joke. I definitely recommend it!

Well, I need to truck through the rest of my's cold up in WI today, hope it's warm in your neck of the woods!

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  1. The thought of getting into a bathing suit makes me sick! I need to get to the gym!


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