Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Well, I wish I had better pictures for you, but I really didn't take many and truthfully, the best ones I took were with my cell phone! What a shame...

Here's a few for ya [and FYI, I spent way too long in Picnik editing these things...]!

My bro-in-law, Joe, my girlfriend, Bobbie, and myself...startin' out the long, 25 hr drive

This was our sanity-saver, having the back open. We put the seats down and were able to stretch out and sleep.

Finally made it! Justus, Bobbie and Joe on the beach. Justus was super proud of those white sunglasses...he got a lot of teasin' :)

One night we ate out at a seafood restaurant on the water, Waltz Fish Shack. Very small menu w/ all local seafood. Here's me and Brad...

Pretty much all I love about vacation in one picture - the beach, wine and good food!

My lifesaver on the trip! I would've been drowning in testosterone had she not come!

It is nice to be home, although I have felt somewhat overwhelmed with everything. I am not going to lie - my suitcase? Still sitting in the front door, wide open. And I may or may not have dug clothes out of it and not moved it. I think part of the problem is that I worked right up until we left, didn't do much to clean or get my house in order, and so when I came back it was all still staring at me. My solution has been to take the week off from working out - running, step class and yoga - and just recover. Recover, meaning clean my house, start gearing up for spring cleaning and spring projects, cause let me assure you, I have lots to do. I bought "easy" food at the grocery store (frozen stir fry, frozen pizzas, spaghetti) cause I refuse to slave in the kitchen this first week back.

There you have - a few pictures, a confession, and a plan. I'll let you know at the end of the week how it all turns out!

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