Friday, March 4, 2011

Right now, I'm totally loving fishtail braids. Funny thing is, I remember doing them as a little girl, and now they're making their comeback. I love the messy, unique look of them, not to mention they're super easy to do!

This girl on the left makes me want to buy a Bump-it...love that volume!

I've also really been digging velvet upholstered furniture lately. Here was my most recent "OMG, I LOVE THAT" photo:

[note - if you love reading about design, HouseBeautiful is THE magazine to check out. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos and a great source of inspiration!]

Okay, see that pink chair in that photo? One word for that: swooooooon. Speaking of this photo, I had bought the magazine and thinking about how much I liked that octagon-shaped table. And what do ya know, I found one very similar to it at Goodwill that weekend! I need to sand/paint it, but I'll definitely get pictures and show everyone afterwards.

Anyway - here's some velvet upholstered chairs I'm loving...

[love the nailhead trim on the chair base]

[perfect chair to put in a cozy place - bedroom, living room]

[this chair is a little modernist for me, but I love the black velvet & nailhead trim]

[this chair reminds me of a Parisian apartment...lots of off-white walls & trim, overstuffed furniture, black-and-cream stripe accents, and BAM, pink chair]

[these colors/patterns are totally me - not a huge fan of sharp angles in design, but looove the contrast stitching. that stitching almost has a butcher's twine look to it, no?]

Needless to say [and I'm sure everyone else agrees w/me], TGIF! No big plans for the weekend, short of maybe trying to paint my new table??

Happy Friday!

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